Stay Ready Tour Review

Adelitas Way shows they have "What it Takes"

Soundbar Orlando October 12, 2019

As I walked up to Soundbar I have to admit that I was pretty excited. I had been looking forward to this show since it was announced several months ago. Adelitas Way was in town promoting their Stay Ready Tour along with The Black Moods, Blacklite District and Common Vision. The fact that Soundbar was chosen as the venue was just an added bonus. Soundbar is nestled into a row of non-descript buildings in the heart of downtown Orlando. The absence of signage gives no hint of what lies beyond the brick walls.

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Once inside, the ambience was undeniable. The stage and viewing area are set up in such a way as to provide the audience with an up-close and intimate personal experience. The lighting and sound techs are situated in a small area enclosed by chain-link fence and numerous works of art can be seen on the ceilings and walls throughout the establishment. A small loft offers an elevated view for those wanting a different perspective. One of my observations when I first visited Soundbar was the obvious lack of seating. No chairs. No tables. No barstools. This is all by design and places an emphasis on what Soundbar is all about: the music, plain and simple.

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As fans trickled in, Common Vision opened up the night’s events. Common Vision was formed in 2018 and is from right here in O-town. Led by the strong vocals of Tim Rardon, this four-piece band energized the crowd with its aggressive style of rock-n-roll and delivered on their newly released single “Between Empathy & Apathy.” Common Vision performs throughout the Central Florida area and if you get the chance you should definitely check them out.

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Next up was Blacklite District, also known as BLD. Kyle Pfeiffer and Roman James comprise this hard rocking duo from South Dakota. BLD wasted no time in kicking the party into high gear as they took turns spinning beats, playing guitar and belting out their top hits. James’ trademark mask even made an appearance or two. An impressive set had the crowd showing their appreciation especially during songs such as “Cold as Ice” and their recently released single “Me against the World.”


The Black Moods took the stage next. I had seen them perform earlier in the year when they opened for Whitesnake. I was so impressed then, that I actually brought my wife to see them this time. While waiting for the show to start, I met a husband and wife who had actually flown in from Virginia just to see The Black Moods. It’s no surprise that they have amassed quite a following. A smaller stage required a pretty unique setup. Drummer Chico Diaz was front and center, flanked on either side by lead vocalist/guitarist Josh Kennedy and bassist Jordon Hoffman. No room, no problem, these guys brought it. The band delivered a set of pure rock-n-roll hits that had the fans wanting more. Kennedy showed off his strong vocals on songs such as “Bella Donna” and “Bad News” while Hoffman displayed his brand new Fender Elite Precision Bass, a birthday gift from his girlfriend. Diaz definitely earned his spot up front tonight. His skill and enthusiasm set the tempo for the night. Kennedy’s Instagram account simply states, “Player of the Music.” Couldn’t have said it any better. These guys rock!

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I wasn’t really familiar with Adelitas Way until I started binge listening to their music and watching their videos about two weeks ago. To say that I was stoked to see them would be an understatement. As I pushed toward the front of the stage, I found myself captivated with drummer Tre Stafford’s colorful T-Rex drum set. That captivation was quickly broken as the band appeared and launched into the hit “What it Takes.” 

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Charismatic front-man Rick Dejesus had the crowd under his control throughout the set. Tre Stafford was powerful on drums, while Tavis Stanley (lead guitar) and Andrew Cushing(bass) lit up the guitars. Fans sang along to favorites such as “Sick” and “Alive” while the power ballad “Last Stand” had them swaying back and forth. I was so impressed, you can rest assured that when they return to Florida, I’ll be there. Adelitas Way formed in 2006 but shows no signs of slowing down. To reference one of their songs, they have “What it Takes.”

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