Hideous Divinity: Death Metal Road Warriors Roll through Orlando

Feb. 11th, 2020

Life in a death metal band is not for the weak and weary. Having its origin traced back to the 1980’s, death metal is arguably the heaviest of all metal music. Songs typically include aggressive lyrics that reference violence, conflict and death. For those starting out and seeking prosperity in the death metal business look no further, Hideous Divinity has created the blueprint for success. 

Hideous Divinity 2a.jpg

Formed in 2007, in the countries of Norway and Italy, the band released their first demo, Sinful Star Necrolatry, shortly thereafter.They were able to endure to several lineup changes and then placed an emphasis on re-tuning their songwriting. After a long hiatus they were rewarded with a record deal through Unique Leader Records. The next several years saw the release of three devilishly powerful albums, Obeisance Rising, Cobra Verde and Adveniens. The evil genius that make up Hideous Divinity are Enrico Schettino (guitar), Enrico H. Di Lorenzo (vocals), Stefano Franceschini (bass), Giulio Galati (drums) and Riccardo Benedini (guitar).

Hideous Divinity 27a.jpg
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Hideous Divinity has recognized the importance of performing live and they have been taking their music to the fans almost non-stop for the last six months. After several more weeks of North American dates, the band is travelling back to Europe for several more months of touring. The Haven is the band’s only Florida date and fans were about to see that Hideous Divinity is showing no signs of slowing down.

Hideous Divinity 14a.jpg

The crowd had been sufficiently amped up by the opening acts, Demonfuck and Vitriol, and were ripe with energy. As I watched the band readying their gear I took notice of how unassuming they appeared. Nothing screamed “metal”. They actually looked quiet and poised as they took the stage. Man was I in for a surprise.

Hideous Divinity 26a.jpg

The band kicked things off with Deleuzean Centuries from their newly released album, Simulacrum. The die-hard metal crowd slammed their way through the band’s entire set. The Haven Lounge is a venue that caters to the bands and the fans, the way it should be. There are no railings or barriers so fans are able to enjoy bands like Hideous Divinity up close and personal. As the band stormed through songs such as The Deaden Room, it was obvious that they, and the crowd, were feeding off each other.

Hideous Divinity 1a.jpg

These guys love what they do and it shows. As they closed out their set with the pulverizing Bent Until Fracture, it looked like they could go all night and I’m pretty sure they would have if allowed. As I went through the photos later that night, it occurred to me that pictures don’t do these guys justice. This is a band that MUST be seen live. Simulacrum was released in November, 2019 by Century Media Records and it’s a must have for any metal fan. The complete set list is as follows:

Deleuzean Centuries

The Embalmer


The Deaden Room


Bent Until Fracture